I enjoy drawing illustrations and experimenting with different styles in my spare time.
Here is a collection of my selected work from 2014 to 2018.

↓ Forest & Deer 2017

I drew this after visiting the Virginia Safari Park.

↓ City Series 2017

For this series, I want to outline the sightseeing by using minimalistic lines.

↓ Style, Art, Life 2014 - 2016

Inspired by illustrator Nancy Zhang’s “Style, Art, Life” project, I started my own project from the Mother’s Day in 2014.
I want to record the people around me using illustration, to show their styles and to record special moments.

↓ Book Cover 2015

Left: Fudan Poetry 2015, collaborated with Chao Ye.
Right: the book cover for my portfolio in 2015.

↓ Cafe Menu 2014

A menu for a cafe based in Hangzhou. I use SAI to mimic a watercolor style to show a feeling of leisure.

↓ Watercolor Exercise 2014

Spring is coming~